Power Chair & Ramp Program

The council owns several Jazzy, Tycor, and Hoveround power chairs, power scooters, rollators,
and conventional wheelchairs, as well as components to build several handicap ramps.
Although our brother Knights and their family members have priority,
our program is structured to provide power chairs, scooters, rollators, wheelchairs,
and ramps to anyone in our community who are in need of one or more of these
items to enhance their mobility.

Our policy is to provide a power chair/scooter, and if needed, a handicap ramp
to those who need them on a temporary or permanent basis.
The council owns the item(s) and we provide them to the user with the understanding
that when the item(s) ARE NO LONGER NEEDED, they are to be returned
to the council so that they can be reissued to other needy folks within the community.
The council pays for all repairs needed to keep said equipment serviceable.

If you know of anyone who can use one of our motorized chairs, scooters, rollators,
and/or wheelchairs, or a handicap ramp, please have them contact
Mark Gillikin via email at gillikinsr@aol.com.

This ramp was constructed for Mrs. Fannie Rainey by AMRAMP Hampton Roads and funded by Fr. Habets Knights of Columbus Council (4632).  AMRAMP is a leading supplier of professionally engineered mobility assistance ramps in our area.  We partner with AMRAMP to provide ramps like this to our community members in need at no charge to them.